You wanna know who I really am, well so do I
My town ain’t that bad.

My town ain’t that bad.


I started a let’s play video series for South Park the Stick of Truth. If you have some time watch it, reblog it, like it (or dislike it), and tell your friends.


It seems that people show their loneliness on this site once it starts getting late.

I’m not lonely at night.

I’m most lonely when I wake up and realize that even when the world is awake, I have no one to talk to.

Bad year.

I can’t be bother right now.

I can’t keep my eyes closed.

Please, answer.

You don’t have to be alone.

elvis depressedly - i can't wait for you to die
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elvis depressedly - i can’t wait for you to die

Saves the Day - Deciding
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Deciding - Saves The Day

just got Baja Blasted, now I have all this energy!
[ps] i’m lame. goodnight?

just got Baja Blasted, now I have all this energy!

[ps] i’m lame. goodnight?


Thoughts occurs to me whether this is real or not. I wonder if I’m just throwing time out and seeing where it gets me. I doubt the future; I can’t seem to understand what is truly going on.

Things definitely need to get cleared up in order for me to do this and I don’t see that happening.

How vague is this post? Pretty fucking vague, just like any possible relationship I see happening.


"Did someone say pizza?"


"Did someone say pizza?"

Murder me.

Murder me.

don’t get it?

I can write it out for you.

"Every day when you wake up, I will make you happy."

why’s that so hard to believe?

leave it tumblr to make a cute april fools thing